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Baby Blanket 1I crochet, cross stitch, and am looking to improve my very basic knitting skills.

My mom has some of my work on her desk at her job and her co-workers pay me to make things they want. She never wanted me to charge them very much despite my work being of quality and the fact that I am constantly getting paid less than what I earn for my time, skill, and purchase of required materials. I have allowed this despite knowing it was wrong and am trying to stop. I have to make money somehow and felt that beggars can’t be choosers, I should start by selling low in order to build a reputation.

This is the swatch I did for this client's perusal. She said she liked the colors and wanted me to proceed with the order.

This is the swatch I did for this client’s perusal. She said she liked the colors and wanted me to proceed with the order.

Above is an example of my crochet work and the blanket one of my mom’s co-workers asked me to make for her newborn granddaughter. The blanket I made for her is bigger and has three different colors, and  flower appliques, all handmade. The yarn alone cost about $30 and I had to go to three different stores on the bus on three separate occasions to collect all the supplies. Additionally, the pattern for this blanket is worked with a special crochet hook and a special stitch. I didn’t even charge her for bus fare and gave her the very low price of $81 for the blanket.

This lady is saying $81 is too much and she would be willing to pay $40.


I have been working on this blanket for over two weeks now, with all my other orders (which I am also being underpaid for), I nearly collapsed from exhaustion and couldn’t even see the stitches straight,  had to do the blanket TWICE, and now this lady doesn’t want to pay me the minimum amount that this baby blanket is worth. Additionally, she ordered this blanket with the expectation that it would be done before the baby was born…during the month that the baby was due with no idea when the approximate due date was.

Handmade crochet blankets do not grow on trees.

I hold myself responsible for selling my skills and time short in the first place. I let them think I sell cheap because of my mother’s position with them and now I have to break that cycle and start charging what I feel I should be paid.

My mother is trying to negotiate with her to pay more than fifty dollars for the blanket but I already told her that this lady’s order is cancelled and I will sell the blanket to someone else for no less than $81.

Today, I am making a list of basic rates. Additionally, I won’t be making anything for my mother or her co-workers unless they’re willing to pay the price I dictate, which they will receive an invoice for at the time of their order so they know what the price is and there aren’t any surprises. My prices, unless there’s some unforeseen error on my part, will no longer be negotiable. The introductory discounts are at an end.