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My grandmother passed away (as mentioned on this blog in my tribute). I did not want to go to her funeral because I knew I’d have to see the sheeples called “family members”. I was manipulated into going despite my wishes.

They’re the same as they ever were. Stingy. Complaining. Cheapskates. Greedy. Passive aggressive. Self-absorbed. Sheep people. And that’s an insult to sheep.

Of course, my mother had to mention weight loss–who didn’t lose weight, and who gained weight–at least fifty times, despite being told on two separate occasions by one of her sisters and one of her brothers to shut up about it. My uncle, stingiest of them all, went on about some Mediterranean diet he’s on while nearly making us miss our flight to the airport because he was driving around in circles.

See what subliminal messaging/ads do to your mind? Living in a society where millions are spent to manipulate the unlearned masses and twist their perception and values is commonplace is sickening.

These people suck up what they see on TV, on the radio, in bookstores, in ads, on prime time and they believe it. They don’t think for themselves, like most people. They don’t question it, they don’t go “Wow this seems be a thing, not very healthy at all actually, why is it?”. I’m ashamed to be related to them. They prattle on about it without even trying to.

I’ll be damned if I’ll be forty-seven years old and still thinking that losing weight is magically going to solve all my problems, so twisted up in shaving pounds that I don’t even realize what I’m saying and what I’m doing.

Its about health, they say. You’ll thank us later, they say. Its about health, really?

I’ll say it again.

I am the fattest person in my immediate family. And guess what? I don’t have sickle cell, diabetes, a benign brain tumor (though I’m surprised with all the crap I deal with), high blood pressure, neuropathy, or multiple sclerosis. All of which are things the thinner people in my family have. Who’s to say? I might get those things later.

And so what? Screw people who think I’ll become less of a person somehow if I do or if I did. They can kiss my fat Black ass.

*disgusted sigh* I’m going back to the writing I enjoy. Later.