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Said it once, I’ll say it again: mixed race babies have been around for a long time. Dating/fucking/breeding with a different race will not end racism. Hunting down people of a specific race because of your sexual interest/curiosity in them IS RACIST–its called fetishism.

And guess what racial fetishism is, lil’ people: objectification. And objectification is what, lil’ people? Dehumanizing and wrong,

People who do commit this form of racism are exactly the people who shouldn’t be having kids…but they will. And I feel sorry for their kids though I’m sure they will proud to have their pretty mixed babies (which is a stupid reason to intentionally date outside your race in itself because you have no idea how your children will look regardless of who you mate with–and what will you do if they aren’t the “pretty mixed baby” you were expecting, racist?).

Why this post?

During a visit with a friend back home and one of her friends that in the end was less than pleasant, a conversation was had in which “Blasian” babies (children of mixed Black and Asian parentage) was mentioned. My friend’s girl was going on about how she would just love to have a Blasian baby. I said nothing during this part of the conversation and I am unsure even to this moment if my silence was noticed by my friend or this other young woman.

First of all, I didn’t want to ruin anything. I was trying to make new friends. Secondly, if I had been in the company of whites (both my friend and her friend are Black), I would’ve said something.

More recently, today actually, my sister calls and tells me that a Black guy in her class openly said during a class presentation that he “prefers” to date white women and thinks racism doesn’t exist.

Is there no hope in the whole damn world for people who don’t want to see what they’re doing and what’s happening around them???

Predatory interracial dating/sex/baby-making, in this usage better known as interracial fetishism/racism, is so trendy these days, I’m not even sure people care that it’s racist. “I date who I want, “Racism doesn’t exist”, “Mm, I love me some ‘chocolate'”, and (my favorite) “Dating [Asians] isn’t racist–I just prefer [Asian] women/men!”–these are a few of many red flags to look out for when you think you’ve encountered a racist fetishist.

Mixed or not, I don’t think I want to bring kids into this world. Guess I’ll leave the breeding to the sheep people since they seem to overrun most of the planet anyway. As for me, I prefer whoever I like, regardless of their race.

Casual racism still makes you racist, I don’t care what race you are.