Hello to Opinionated Man’s followers who are coming over to From on Her Throne (or Elia’s Diamonds) because he mentioned/reblogged me.

I’d love to respond to the more polite and honestly curious members among you, but I said everything I have to say about Opinionated Man and his blog in late December and January.

Its April, folks, about to be May. I’m surprised my post is something he’s still invested in, for I have given him no thought until y’all showed up and started blowing up my inbox with notifications.

At this point, having said nothing to him or about him since stating my absolute opinion at the time and my feelings and thoughts, I view his actions as nothing more than immature bullshit. What else am I supposed to think?

I have nothing more to say to him or about him except to ask that he not reblog or copy ANY content from my blog unless its about his blog (a whole two posts).

Whatever he has to say about me regarding those two posts on his own blog is, of course, his opinion. I don’t play those kinds of games and am therefore uninterested in engaging with him on any level.