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I’ve meaning to write this post for a while now. Last year, I was coerced into visiting visited Yosemite National Park and still haven’t quite recovered from it. What’s not wrong with the origins of this park?

In fact, the tribe’s name was the Ahwahneechees, and the land was called Ahwahnee. ‘Yosemite’ was actually how the tribe referred to the white intruders, as “killers. [x]

Unfortunately, the quote is from an article about celebrating the park’s “birthday”, and the author seems to believe that the biggest issue here is the inconvenience of the park’s closure during the government shutdown last year. And the word “intruders” should probably be replaced with genocidal racists. To me, it really speaks in volumes about how screwed up the American memory is and how monuments have been built on grounds soaked in blood and reeking of suffering and injustice.

But that’s just me I guess.

Here’s some pretty pictures my sister took, because as the tour guide reminded us (while I sat there sick with disgust, surrounded by cooing, chuckling white people, hot from the heat, and hoping they didn’t kill anymore bears with their cars)–

…though the Indians and the settlers had their differences, we now have this [beautiful] park.

–a Yosemite National Park tour guide

I’ll concede–it was very beautiful. But at what price did I experience this on that day?

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