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I keep saying this, but I need to stay off tumblr. There’s this post going around about Nikki Minaj and Rihanna as role models [x] and it annoys me slightly more than the rest of the shit I see on my dashboard. I don’t fucking looking at celebrities (who a lot of people make rich and famous and not necessarily because they’re actually great in any way) as “role models”–they’re just people. I get representation is important so I understand the point about Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.

At the same time, I don’t think it has anything to do with the mentioned formers being “denied complexity”. Personally none of these four occur to me as role models, Black, white, or otherwise. Hasn’t stopped them from getting ridiculous rich and plastered daily on my dash by bloggers I thought were more hip to how weird it is to validate these people like that, now has it?

I try not to talk about celebrities anywhere on any of my blogs, learned my lessons on that, but I had to get this out.