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I tried it and I thought it was okay at first. Now the only reason I’m still on tumblr is because I have blogs there and a following. I hate the crowds. I roll my eyes at the fact that most of the hate mail I get comes through tumblr. I hate the fads and the fandoms. I hate the cliques of bloggers who hang out there. I hate the pissing and popularity contests. I hate the trendy bullshit, the immaturity. Its a truly toxic environment.

And all these people that I started following because they followed me? My god, if I see one more Disney meme on my dashboard, I’m don’t what violence I’m prone to do.

There’s a way for me to export my blogs but I’d lose the people who actually, you know, actually wave hello every now and again and that I actually bother to deal with too.

Several of the loudest noisiest people on tumblr who follow me, I only follow back out of courtesy and curiosity about who they are and what they blog about. If 40%-97% of what they blog about is any indication….*side-eye*

For this reason I generally try to stay off tumblr. My dashboard is toxic.