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I’m pretty sure nobody’s paying them to be sensitive or paying some of them at all. I just got told at WordPress.com Support that there’s nothing they can do about my mother’s crazy ex-husband stalking me across every blog of mine that he can find…except making   my blogs private.

I asked a question, someone answered, I don’t have to be happy with the almost snarkily clinical answer the bee gave me. I’ve read some pretty rude-sounding responses from “community members” and Happiness Engineers and I stack this bullshit among them.

I’m pretty sure there’s something they could do about it. Its probably just something they don’t want to do, for good reasons I’m sure. Still, this is some bullshit. Might find myself getting the hell up of WordPress though I’ve been here since 2009 and never had anything disagreeable to say before this year. Maybe I’m just getting tired of blogging.

The only way is for me to avoid this fucker is for me to make my blogs private, start new blogs and don’t list them anywhere, or endure his shit. Doesn’t seem like much of an option if you ask me.

I just needed them to be a little more sensitive, this guy is e-mailing me, stalking members of my mom’s family, trying to find me where I live from all the way across the country, and now he’s invading my blogs again like he did on my first WP blog. I don’t deserve to be punished because my blogs are public. I’m not saying block him from WordPress.com and the whole freaking interwebs, I was just asking if there’s any way to stop him from getting notifications whenever I post something.

I guess not.

I built this for myself, I’ve worked at it, I’ve hung in there through everything. and now I have to shut it down because I can’t deal with this. Its not fair.