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Giggling people who want to take shots at people nearing thirty for “getting older” ask “Who is ‘N Sync??” in loud obnoxious voices and in all caps online. People who don’t totally define themselves by fads, trends, and mass media hysteria and really want to know who ‘N Sync is, use Google like all other curious people or ask around discreetly.

And ‘N Sync is just an example.

I don’t believe in “getting old”. I actually feel sorry for younger folks. Everything that’s popular looks like a bunch of trendy nonsense.

I am a member of a race where everything we do is constantly getting appropriated, acculturated, co-opted, or swept under the rug when it can’t be condensed into the white melting pot. Its horribly depressing that people relegate culture, whole groups of people, and art like music and literature to the dusty closet of history just because they don’t see the relevance or corporations say its obsolete or out of style (which is ridiculous, side story time–I liked this dip that came with the chicken lettuce wraps at a restaurant, a lot of people liked it, it was very popular. I came back a few months later and the restaurant had gotten rid of it just to change the menu up; they replaced the dip with some cilantro stuff. Yes, I just included that anecdote, I do what I want). Some things progress or change but that doesn’t change its origin.

The past informs the present, nothing exists in a vacuum. Oh ye children of forgetfulness and willful ignore, for shame.