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I don’t own a TV but there are two in the house and there is only cable in the house because my sister is addicted and even sleeps with the TV on despite having my almost one-year-old nephew in bed with her (obviously a source of annoyance for me because it just isn’t healthy to sleep like that).

Point: My has been watching The Prancing Elites. I just don’t know why she watches it. She’s not learning anything it seems and she seems disgusted and offended by queer, gay, trans* and nonconforming folks. This is popular television I’m talking about here so I only take it worth a grain of salt but what this show can represent matters.

There are women, and maybe especially men, who are violently offended and disgusted when they see someone with a “male hardware” body carrying or conducting themselves in a way that doesn’t fit their idea of what they think a man is and what a man should look like. Isn’t transphobia inherently homophobic? And vice versa? I’ve used the word queer and use the term queerphobic. Its ALL queerphobic and heterosexist to me.

Disgust and hate breeds disgust and hate. I was disgusted my sister’s phobic comments, her looks of distaste, and her attitude of disapproval for The Prancing Elites.

A commercial for The Prancing Elites Project comes on. My sister starts talking and says that on the show, one person told one of the dancers something like, “You may think of yourself as woman, and I support you, but you’re still a man” My sister says, “Well that’s true. And women make better dancers anyway”.