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Its nothing new that white people murder Black people because, for the most part, they get away with it. It’s the reason why people are on the streets yelling about Black lives mattering. It should be obvious that all life is sacred. Yet we live in a society where one race is still allowed to destroy the lives of another out of petty hate and an unfounded sense of superiority. And its still, to an extent, sanctioned by law. It’s horrifying.

I don’t discuss recent events concerning this on my blog unless I directly involve myself in it by taking the time to slog through the news feed and sort out its discrepancies.

If my brother was still alive, I would worry for him. I worry for Black children. Nothing compares to being seen through the eyes of a baby. A newborn has recently changed my view of myself, just with the love shining in his brown eyes. And I love him and I worry for him. Because we live in a world where he could be shot down just for being born Black.

Anybody could be killed at any moment. But there is something to be said for your life expectancy dropping because people hate Black folks.