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Like anyone else who has experienced repeated traumas as a member of an oppressed group, I can be unintentionally biased against individuals when I’m not on my game (tired of sorting the good apples from the hellacious mountain of bad ones, so to speak). Sometimes I completely run out of patience with the groups I view as the source of my suffering or the source of a given issue.

But I wonder if it’s possible to be truly biased or prejudiced against a race that has violently maimed and is still actively oppressing your race. For example, I’ve had to accept white racism/anti-Black racism as a fact of the society and world that I live in. I give everybody the benefit of the doubt. But I can’t change history and I can’t the direct and indirect experiences of ignorance, systemic violence, and hate that is often triggered by living a white-dominated society where anti-Black racism is still a common and accepted practice. I often practice kindness. However, white folks make me wary and weary because no matter how open and kind I try to be with them, they typically eventually disgrace my efforts to control my reactions to my triggers by adding new disappointing stories to my life experiences with their behaviors, casual attitudes, and beliefs. What do other people think? Is it possible to be biased or prejudice against a group that has violently oppressed your race for, like, three centuries or more and continues to do so?