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I’ve achieved a lot this year and still have a little more to go. I’m very close to finishing another fantasy fiction novel that I’m very proud of. I’m feeling more confident putting my manuscripts/novels out there for other people to see.

I made a few offline sales with my small crafting business. (Getting people to buy stuff online is the problem.)

National Novel Writing Month didn’t completely defeat me this month and I’m at about 44,000 words in my 50,000 word goal.

I let go of some unhealthy attachments and worked on taking better care of myself.

But today was just full of trials. My mother’s ex-husband is still stalking me online and off. He sent a package to my house today, which was rejected. He has been trying to use my social security number and my sister’s on his taxes. My family is as abusive as ever on top of this. Luckily I have one person in my life other than myself who seems to truly care about my well being. Otherwise, I’d go crazy.