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Where before there were none, the media landscape is now littered with very targeted, very selective images of Black people and of Color peoples/characters. OR people who are very racially ambiguous. So things seem to change…only to actually stay the same. I think about this…

Every time I read a book where the only Black woman you see is one who is light-skin or obviously mixed. If there are any at all.

Every time I watch TV and I see a dark skin Black man with a mixed or lighter-skin Black woman or a woman of a different race.

You got three options when you read most books, watch a movie or TV, or even in ads:

  1. Racially ambiguous–very popular, very deliberate
  2. White–the racist standard
  3. Tokens, sidekicks, and stereotypes–the fallback for ignorance and bigoted comfort

Black woman/Black people and of Color peoples and characters might be appearing more frequently in the media. But has how they’re being portrayed really changed all that much? #Blackcharacters #charactersofColor