If you build it, they will come… Do as you see fit. If no one follows you, it only means that you were not meant to help guide them. [paraphrased and finagled from Field of Dreams (1989) and Tite Kubo’s Bleach]

….Or a whole bunch of people are brainwashed and there is, unfortunately, nothing you can do about it no matter how hard you try.

This is a Black feminist blog where I will talk about whatever I want. Involution. This blog is hosted by a–Black, fat, Southern, college-educated, working class/poor, genderfluid, writer, sister, demisexual/sapiosexual/queer/polysexual (persyn-loving, womyn-loving, male-loving), spiritual, female, empathic, thinker, gemini, creative artist–Queen.

Reining on high from a kingdom of no subjects.


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