What is WoFem?

WoFem is a portmanteau that I might have come up with first if no one has said it before me.

It combines the two words “womanist” and “feminist”. I am a Black feminist, as my experiences within my racial and ethnic identity inform my politics.

Black feminist and womanist are often used interchangeably, although womanism isn’t exactly exclusive to only Black womyn, as many womyn (of color) have either embraced this politic or have it present in their own cultures.

Additionally, while Black feminist and womanist may be used interchangeably, inherit in the term WoFem is the idea that I place my identity [as a working class/poor, anti-heterosexist] Black womyn/womyn of color first because the experiences and politics of Black womyn/womyn of color have been systemically and oftentimes summarily shoved aside by mainstream white feminist and their one-size fits all feminism.

Wo = Black feminism, womanism, a solidarity and dedication to all womyn of color

Fem = a solidarity with female-identified folks

*note that this is only one part of my politics, the part concerning womyn and feminism in general


1 thought on “What is WoFem?”

  1. just wanted to give u a thumbs up on your blog and your new term: WoFem…love it…i’m going to start using it of course giving kudos to you…i’ve been on a mission as a black woman and been finding slowly but surely there are many like me…so its always a pleasure to find someone like me and read the things that mean something to me…

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