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What I don’t understand about negative/hateful/instigating people who come onto my blog to offer their personal opinion about my personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences is just in general why?

There are plenty of people who like to argue with them, I am not necessarily one of them.

Why respond? One reason is because some stuff is just too outrageous to ignore and I just want it to be on the record that

A) Unlike in the past, I did not roll over and allow people to invade my space with their bigotry and stupidity without having at least one word to say about it,

and B) some of these comments are sample transcripts of the kind of stuff I’ve had to deal with my whole life, consistently, on a daily basis. I want to see them, hold them up to the light, recognize them for the ugly poisonous things that they are, and finally cast them away from me instead of continuing to try understand stupidity and place good intentions/goodwill where there is none. I still don’t have the hang of recovering and living at the same time, in this continuous war of existence.

At the end of the day, no matter what is said on my blog, it doesn’t matter. My blog is one out of thousands, and most people know a lot of people aren’t going to read it anyway. I’m just one somewhat insignificant person expressing my thoughts, politics, and feelings. I ain’t got no army to rally, no body’s going after you for me, no one is coming to my rescue, I don’t have crazed stans. My “friends” are apolitical, peaceful, content to not engage in any conflict even if its warranted–I am the most fiery person that I know.

So its not that serious, in the sense that, like what can I do to you? Write you a letter? Address it to you? Try to call you out on your crap?

If you’re an oppressor or a bigot, you’ll still be an oppressor or a bigot no matter what I say. No one can stop you except you yourself.

So I’ll continue to write my letters, and speak my truth, whenever the sensation strikes me. From a kingdom of no subjects with a few peaceful allies and followers.